New Carousel Product Range 2018

Your gallery has been updated to include our new packages. All orders now have free home delivery when you order before your nursery deadline or spend over £75.  You’ll also receive a free keyring or magnet pack when you spend over £75.00. Print packs start from £15.00 and larger packs offer great value with individual prints from under £3.00 each (our multi image pack for £69 has 24 prints). All sizes are in inches unless otherwise stated. Each time you place an order your nursery receives commission. You can view your images online and then continue to order online or call on 07974 100229 to place your order.

Carousel Products and Prices 2018

Print Packs:

Starter Pack – Choose one image, number of copies and one size. Sizes available 6×4, 7×5, 9×6

Two Copies £15.00//Four Copies £20.00//Eight Copies £25.00

Multi Image Pack 1 – Choose up to eight different images, choose one size (6×4,7×5 or 9×6), receive one copy of each image.

Two Images £22.00//Four Images £32.00//Eight Images £45.00

Multi Image Pack 2 – Choose up to eight different images, receive three copies of each image (one 6×4, one 7×5 and one 9×6).

Two Images £35.00 (6 prints in total)

Four Images £50.00 (12 prints in total)

Eight Images £69.00 (24 prints in total)

Multi Size Pack

Choose one image, receive two 9×6, two 6×4, one 7×5, two 3×2 prints and one fridge magnet  £30.00

Digital Files

High resolution digital files supplied as digital downloads (with an option to add a USB or disc).

One Digital File £20.00//Two Digital Files £35.00//Up to Five Digital Files £55.00//Up to Ten Digital Files £75.00//Up to Fifteen Digital Files £85.00// Up to Twenty Digital Files £99.00

Gift Packs

A bumper pack including up to 20 different images delivered in a gift box. You’ll receive a digital file, a print and a magnet or keyring of each image.  You’ll also receive a free pack of keyrings or magnets as your order is over £75. Digital files will be sent by email/dropbox, but you can choose to pay an extra £10 and receive them on a disc or USB.

Up to 5 Images £80.00//Up to 10 Images £120.00//Up to 15 Images £140.00//Up to 20 Images £160.00


Choose one image. Size 35mm x 50mm.

Four Keyrings £12.00//Eight Keyrings £20.00

Choose up to four different images. Size 35mm x 50mm.

Four Keyrings £25.00

Magnet Packs

Size 70mm x 45mm.

Four Magnets (same image) £15.00//Eight Magnets (same image) £22.00//Four Magnets (four different images) £27.00

Also available in size 95mm x 67mm, add a £5.00 supplement to each pack.

Photo Mounts & Folders

Ivory mounts and folders. Images are not supplied with them.

Mounts £1.60

Folders £2.50

Available to fit photo sizes 6×4,7×5 and 9×6. Discounts available on packs. The full pricelist is on your gallery.